Chose PASA’s Team to Solve for Staffing Needs

Allow PASA’s team of highly motivated, experienced and compassionate providers(PA/NP) to be the answer to your staffing dilemma. Over the past decade, the growing number of CT Surgery Programs has created a large demand for advanced practitioners who specialize in CT Surgery. It has become more and more challenging for Hospitals, Programs, and Private Practices to acquire and retain experienced and reliable providers to deliver quality care to their patients. Having a staffing model that is cost-effective and seamless while, at the same time, is able to deliver proven quality outcomes makes all the difference.

Physicians Operating on Patients

Since 2010 PASA’s team has become the answer for long, as well as, short-term CT Surgery staffing support with advanced mid-level practitioners who are proficient in First and Second Operating Room (OR) Assisting, endoscopic vein harvesting (EVH), endoscopic radial artery harvesting (ERAH), ICU, floor management and the clinic/office. Our staff is capable of providing consistency of care through the entire surgical pathway from pre-operative assessment to post-op office care. Our providers are talented, dynamic and amiable possessing full scope capabilities negating redundancy or gaps in the delivery of care. Our model provides adaptable coverage that is able to increase or decrease support according to the specific needs of a Program, Hospital, or Practice. The PASA model creates a team that surgeons, nurses and ancillary staff rely upon and are comfortable with, bolstering consistency and efficiency. Contact us and find out how we can help your program fill permanent staffing needs or how we can help provide a bridge for temporary coverage options.

Having a large pool of Cardiothoracic PAs and NPs affords PASA the ability to offer short term support or per diem coverage. We are prepared to quickly fit and on-board a team member should there be any need to supplement or substitute staff. Leave the credentialing headache to our practice manager who is capable in obtaining credentials and licenses, making the process seam effortless. PASA welcomes the opportunity to help fill any PA or NP vacancy with one of our skilled, competent and friendly advanced practitioners, so please take the time to contact us today to hear how we can help.